W H A T    A R E   S M I L I E S ?

'Smilies', or emoticons, are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smiley concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not get smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

Here's the list of currently accepted smilies:

What to Type Graphic That Will Appear Emotion
:-) :-) smile2222
:-( :-( frown
;-) ;-) wink
:o :o embarrassment
:D :D big grin
:p :p razz (stick out tongue)
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic)
:mad: :mad: #@*%!
bore.gif bore.gif bore.gif
:lol: :lol: lol
2talk.gif 2talk.gif 2talk.gif
FRlol.gif FRlol.gif FRlol.gif
a.png a.png a.png
sofeer.gif sofeer.gif sofeer.gif
a10.gif a10.gif a10.gif
duel.gif duel.gif duel.gif
a20.gif a20.gif a20.gif
a21.gif a21.gif a21.gif
a7.gif a7.gif a7.gif
[aaa.gif] [aaa.gif] aaa.gif
acim.gif acim.gif acim.gif
afro.gif afro.gif afro.gif
kaioken.gif kaioken.gif kaioken.gif
alarm.gif alarm.gif alarm.gif
alien.gif alien.gif alien.gif
alsaa.gif alsaa.gif alsaa.gif
aman.gif aman.gif aman.gif
s18.gif s18.gif s18.gif
argue.gif argue.gif argue.gif
bandit.gif bandit.gif bandit.gif
bawling.gif bawling.gif bawling.gif
biggrinking.gif biggrinking.gif biggrinking.gif
bigstar.gif bigstar.gif bigstar.gif
boom.gif boom.gif boom.gif
bur2.gif bur2.gif bur2.gif
burnout.gif burnout.gif burnout.gif
busted_cop.gif busted_cop.gif busted_cop.gif
bye.gif bye.gif bye.gif
bye2.gif bye2.gif bye2.gif
cheers.gif cheers.gif cheers.gif
claps.gif claps.gif claps.gif
dance1.gif dance1.gif dance1.gif
dont.gif dont.gif dont.gif
dry.gif dry.gif dry.gif
ebebe.gif ebebe.gif ebebe.gif
eek.gif eek.gif eek.gif
evillol.gif evillol.gif evillol.gif
flag.gif flag.gif flag.gif
flash.gif flash.gif flash.gif
:) :) gulucuk
icon_smile_angry.gif icon_smile_angry.gif icon_smile_angry.gif
icon_smile_blush.gif icon_smile_blush.gif icon_smile_blush.gif
icon_smile_cool.gif icon_smile_cool.gif icon_smile_cool.gif
:uzgun :uzgun uzulmus
icon_smile_screwy.gi icon_smile_screwy.gi icon_smile_screwy.gif
:fikir :fikir fikir
:kafa :kafa kafasıkarışık
naughty.gif naughty.gif naughty.gif
o_o.gif o_o.gif o_o.gif
oha.gif oha.gif oha.gif
ok.gif ok.gif ok.gif
pray.gif pray.gif pray.gif
private.gif private.gif private.gif
ranting2.gif ranting2.gif ranting2.gif
s20.gif s20.gif s20.gif
ssss.gif ssss.gif ssss.gif
super.gif super.gif super.gif
telekom.gif telekom.gif telekom.gif
yerlerde.gif yerlerde.gif yerlerde.gif
zuha.gif zuha.gif zuha.gif
zzigdance2.gif zzigdance2.gif zzigdance2.gif
roma.gif roma.gif roma.gif
boxin.gif boxin.gif boxin.gif
kar.gif kar.gif kar.gif
bansing.gif bansing.gif bansing.gif
s19.gif s19.gif s19.gif
deal.gif deal.gif deal.gif
tut.gif tut.gif tut.gif
guitar.gif guitar.gif guitar.gif
rockband.gif rockband.gif rockband.gif
clever.gif clever.gif clever.gif
director.gif director.gif director.gif
captain.gif captain.gif captain.gif
help.gif help.gif help.gif
bounce.gif bounce.gif bounce.gif
dirdir.gif dirdir.gif dirdir,gif
alala.gif alala.gif alala.gif
destere.gif destere.gif destere.gif
lamer.gif lamer.gif lamer.gif
jawdown.gif jawdown.gif jawdown.gif
frage.gif frage.gif frage.gif
sus.gif sus.gif sus.gif
friendship.gif friendship.gif friendship.gif
baris.gif baris.gif baris.gif
kop.gif kop.gif kop.gif
love2.gif love2.gif love2.gif
drunkard.gif drunkard.gif drunkard.gif
loveya.gif loveya.gif loveya.gif
mayhos.gif mayhos.gif mayhos.gif
pirateinhat.gif pirateinhat.gif pirateinhat.gif
strwars.gif strwars.gif strwars.gif
cat.gif cat.gif cat.gif
santa2.gif santa2.gif santa2.gif
birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif
censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif
cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif